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Our Approach

KIPP Central City Primary builds the academic, social, emotional, and spiritual foundations that our students will need to pursue higher education and create their best selves. KCCP students display a deep love of learning, belief in their own ability, empathy for others, and the POWER to transform their world.

We work through challenging moments as a collective, while always putting the needs of our students first. Our staff does whatever it takes to make our students feel loved, safe, and understood. We are relentless in our pursuit of their lives being better and brighter than they were before they walked through our doors.

Our values spell out the word POWER so that students will internalize the message that they have the POWER to overcome challenges and accomplish their goals. The values allow teachers and students to have a common language around expectations and create a sense of purpose among our children.

We show our POWER by being here to learn and making our school a better place.

Persist: We work hard, even when things are difficult.
Own your actions: We are responsible for our own choices.
Work Together: We help teammates learn by focusing & following directions.
Expect the Best: We do our best in all things.
Reflect and Grow: We try hard and we learn from our mistakes.