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Bus Updates

KCCP Parents
We would like to thank you all so much for all of your patience and flexibility with bussing the past few days.  We are working through HUGE challenges due to COVID, City Regulations and a City Wide bus driver shortage. We appreciate how understanding and helpful each and every one of you have been through VERY frustrating bus delays.
Here are some ways you can help us as we work out these kinks.
  1. Make sure your child knows how they are getting home each day.  It is most helpful to stay consistent with students route home.
  2. Write your child's name boldly on the OUTSIDE of their backpack.  This helps with quick identification for both the school and bus drivers.  Writing their name on the strap on the backpack is the easiest.
  3. Teach your student the name of their bus and their bus stop, practice them saying their bus and their stop as well as their full first and last name loud and clear.  
  4. PLEASE update your phone number if it has changed and answer calls and texts from the school as we try to double check routes home.  The calls may come from personal cell phones that may not be 504 phone numbers.
  5. Dismissal changes and Early Check out ends at 3:15 pm on regular days and at 1:15 pm on early dismissal days (2:15 pm dismissal on Wednesdays).  If your child has a later doctor's appointment they still must be picked up by this time.  Please allow 10 minutes to wait for your child to arrive in the office once you ask for them.  We understand emergencies happen; and in RARE instances we can accommodate changes, but please, please state your emergency when you arrive and request a special accommodation.  We will keep track of parents who have emergencies and may have to deny your requests if they become a habit.
  6. Morning Arrival - Be prepared for delays - Morning routes are running very late right now; if you are able to get your child to school by car and have them ride the bus home that will help keep you from waiting at the bus; but we understand that everyone is not able to do this.  If your bus is more than 30 minutes late in the morning please call our front office at 504-373-6290 or First Student Transportation at 504-262-0060.
  7. Afternoon Dismissal is going slowly as we ensure that each student is on the correct bus.  The buses are leaving school 20-60 minutes late.  We expect this to be better by the end of the week as students and staff become more familiar with how the students are getting home.
  8. Students may NOT ride multiple buses.  Due to COVID regulations we will continue to minimize the amount of students impacted by close contact by limiting bus changes.  Students may only ride ONE bus.  If you have shared custody or a consistent morning and different afternoon bus please email Ms. Taylor at [email protected] to discuss bussing options.  These MUST be documented to be in compliance with NOLA-PS rules.
  9. Our phones are ringing like crazy.  If you have trouble getting in touch with us you may email us at [email protected] or TEXT ONLY at 504-517-5725 with your child's name and your question or transportation change.
We hope to have everything back to normal as soon as possible.  We communicate updates as soon as we receive them; but some updates are severely delayed.  Again, we truly apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience over the past few days.
Last Note: We understand Logo Express has had extreme lines over the previous few days.  If you have been unable to purchase uniforms please send your student in regular clothes.  We will excuse uniforms until Friday, August 20, 2021.
KCCP Administration