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COVID Family Resources

Citywide Feeding Program Updates
Schedule Update: In an effort to better serve and protect the health of students, families, food service providers and staff at community feeding sites, NOLA Public Schools and their partners are condensing the weekly schedule at the Citywide Feeding Program sites by providing multiple days of meals during specific daily time frames.

‪Thursday March 26: M‬eals will be served for both Thursday and Friday. Service Hours: 9 am – 12 pm‬.

‪Friday, March 27th: ‬Community Feeding Sites will NOT be open ‪on Friday, March 27.‬

‪Starting March 30th and Moving Forward:‬
* Every Monday we will provide meals for 2 days.
* Every Wednesday we will provide meals for 3 days.
* Moving forward Community Feeding sites will NOT be open on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday.
* Service Hours: remain the same, ‪9 am – 12 pm‬. For more, please visit
Telehealth services are available to KNOS families and staff! You can get more information and also schedule an online visit with a health care professional between 9am-5pm by visiting !
KNOS knows that the mental health of your family is important now and always. To support our students & families, we set up a hotline for emergency mental health support. If you or someone you love is experiencing a mental health crisis - any situation in which a person's feelings and behaviors can lead to them hurting themselves or others – please call 504-373-6269, extension 1061.